Used API OmniTrac 2 Laser Tracker CMM and Accessories - SALE !!

Omnitrac 2 wireless operation, no controller, no effort. Highly integrated wireless laser tracker. API has launched a landmark innovative laser tracker: Omnitrac 2. Omnitrac 2 is smaller, lighter and easier to use than similar products at the same price. In addition, it has no external controller, which makes it stand out from existing laser trackers on the market. The product features can be summarized as: wireless operation, no controller, easy to use.
Stable operation in harsh environment. Omnitrac 2 is an ideal measurement tool for a wide variety of applications, both indoors and outdoors. With compact structure and wireless design, the product can enter into a narrow space that cannot be accessed by other measurement systems for measurement.
The Omnitrac 2 has a rugged design and construction that makes it ideal for use in harsh factory conditions. It is also equipped with a built-in battery that can work continuously for up to 6 hours. It also has an optional AC/DC interface.
Within minutes of starting up, Omnitrac 2 achieved about 90 percent accuracy. Omnitrac 2 measuring distance of up to 100 meters, the working temperature for - 10 ° to 60 ° C, C weighs 10 kilograms.
All built in, with unparalleled compactness. Omnitrac 2 integrates all the equipment required for measurement, including the controller, weather station, tilt sensor and battery, to transmit data over WiFi.
Omnitrac 2 operates using ADM (absolute ranging) technology. Omnitrac 2 can be installed at any location for measurement: top mount, vertical wall mount, tilt mount, under or inside parts.
Carry the Omnitrac 2 laser tracker with you, and you can make measurements anywhere.


Range of Measurements:

Linear Range (Diameter): 200 m (with selected targets), 160 m (525 ft with 80m target)
System Performance:

Azimuth Range:  ± 320º (640º end to end)

Elevation Range:   79º / -59º

Angular Resolution:  ± 0.018 arc seconds

System Angular Accuracy:  3.5 μm/m*

System Resolution:  0.02 arc seconds

Maximum Lateral Target Speed:  180º / sec

Maximum Acceleration:  > 2 g

Maximum Battery Life:  6 hours (internal battery, Capable of hot-switching with External battery)

Internal Level Accuracy:  ±2 arc-second

Internal Level Range:  ±2 degrees


IR Laser (ADM-Maxx™):  Class I (eye safe)

Accuracy:  ± 25 μm or 1.5 μm/m* (which ever is greater)

Resolution:  0.1 μm


OperatingTemperature:  -10º C to > 45º C

Storage Temperature:  -10º C to 60º C

Barometric Pressure:  8 mmHg – 825 mmHg

Relative Humidity:  10-95% non-condensing

Altitude:  -700 m – 3000 m

Autolock (Automated Target Search):

Full Range Pointing Accuracy:  2”

Field Of Vision:  ±12.5º (diagonal)


Tracker Weight:  10.9 kg (24 lb)

Tracker Size:  Height: 43 cm (16.95 inches)

 Width:  19.8 cm (7.8 inches)


(1X) API OmniTrac 2 Laser Tracker with all standard accessories
(1X) API Control Software on USB
(1X) S-FIX Fixed Height Carbon Tripod
(1X) Laser Tracker Tooling Kit with some extras
(1X) Hexagon Metrology 800 mm SMR
(1X) SMX Retro Probe 100 Kit

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