Hamar Laser Stealth S-670 Laser Shaft Alignment System - Used

Fully wireless Bluetooth operation is standard, eliminating potentially dangerous cables from the working area, making shaft rotations easier and allowing the touchscreen display to be moved to any convenient position, which is especially useful during “live” foot adjustment on large equipment. The Bluetooth radio module is built into the laser receiver and does not require additional batteries.
The unique dual laser beam super linear 3-axis measuring technology of the S-670 provides direct position and angle measurements with micron resolution and automatic rotation sensing, as well as a 30mm x 10mm sensor measurement range to directly accommodate initial rough shaft and coupling alignment.

This system allows shaft and coupling alignments to be done quickly and simply with a single sweep of the shafts through any angle (> 60 degrees) to automatically generate required alignment shimming and adjustment values. Start and stop of the laser shaft rotation can be done at any angle and are automatically sensed, with no buttons to press.

Live alignment graphics of the shaft rotation show the operator exactly where he is in the alignment process and what data has been recorded.

Fully wireless Bluetooth operation is standard, eliminating potentially dangerous cables from the working area, making shaft rotations easier and allowing the touchscreen display to be moved to any convenient position, which is especially useful during “live” foot adjustment on large equipment. The Bluetooth radio module is built into the laser receiver and does not require additional batteries.

The laser and target are equipped with the latest technology in rechargeable internal Lithium Polymer batteries, suitable for more than a full day’s work without recharging (laser 125 hours, target 15 hours continuous use).

The operator is fully guided through a clear and simple 5-point laser alignment checklist by the system software, which includes soft-foot measurement and correction prior to shaft and coupling alignment.

The laser control unit provides a high resolution graphics display with live, easy to read values of the required shims and a dynamic image of the shaft alignment errors, all displayed in a single screen. The live display clearly guides equipment adjustments, both horizontally and vertically.

Total elimination of the traditional need for “Clock” shaft positions to be correctly oriented and for laser reading values to be inverted according to shaft radial positions removes common sources of operator error.

A laser range of 10m makes the system also highly suitable for long shaft alignments and jack shaft couplings.

A detailed laser alignment report is automatically generated with one click, including your contact details and logo, and the full customer and machine details and any application notes. Any number of reports may be saved in the tablet control computer, and may be printed or uploaded over WIFI, without the need for special data transfer connections or synching software. The control is email ready for direct submission of reports from the project site.

The standard laser system includes mounting adaptors for shafts from 25mm to 150mm diameter, with short 100mm and long 200mm mounting posts for different coupling sizes. Optional extension chains allow the laser to be used on shafts up to 450mm diameter or larger. Magnetic mounting brackets and adaptors for non-rotating shaft alignments are also available.

All Stealth laser systems are linearised through their full measurement range and are factory calibrated with a recommended 2 year recalibration date.

Hamar S-670 Stealth Series Laser Shaft Alignment System

Advanced Features of the S-670 Shaft Alignment Laser

Sealed dual beam laser with super-linearised PSD detector and direct angle measurement optics
Calibrated System Accuracy:
Position 0.3%, Angle 1% (constant)
AutoSweep Measurement Cycle:
This fast, automated cycle records hundreds of measurement points over any rotation angle sector (>60deg) to achieve the highest measuring accuracy.
Measurement Cell Size:
A large 30mm x 10mm PSD detector eliminates time wasted doing pre-alignments or the inconvenience and loss of accuracy associated with range extension techniques.
Angular Range:
Constant /-5 degrees over any setup length (8.5mm/100mm)
Display & Control
Rugged IP65 10″ Colour Touch Screen with powerful Windows 10 features, daylight readable and long battery life.
Inbuilt Bluetooth Wireless (10m range) and WIFI internet.
Setup Range:
1mm – 10,000mm with constant angular accuracy and range
Soft Foot Measurement:
Allows soft-foot mounting conditions to be automatically identified and shows the required shim correction
Huge File Storage:
Provides virtually unlimited laser alignment file storage in the touchscreen computer controller.
Automatic and Manual Tolerances:
Select industry standard alignment tolerances or user defined tolerances, with RED/YELLOW/GREEN “in-tolerance” indication.
Jack Shaft and Spacer Shaft Mode
Programs to suit alignment of spacer shaft drives with 7 selectable formats
Thermal Growth Compensation:
Allows position and angle values to be entered to offset for machine thermal growth or other changes.
Adjustable averaging:
Adjustable averaging of the laser alignment data stream compensates for difficult light conditions or high vibration levels.
Machine Templates:
Save time by copying machine setup information, dimensions and tolerances to a new machine alignment similar to any previous alignment.
Vertical Shaft Mode:
A dedicated laser alignment cycle for vertical shaft applications, includes live move graphics. Suitable for foot or flange mounted motors.
Arc Mode:
Start and stop auto sweep to take multiple alignment data sets over multiple arc segments.
Optional features of the S-670 Laser Shaft Aligner

Uncoupled Pass Mode:
Pass mode is a fast and precise procedure for laser alignment of uncoupled machinery shafts in freely rotating machinery. It is ideal for turbine alignments.
Provides maximum alignment versatility and simple data capture for coupled and uncoupled alignments. Take any number of alignment points at any accessible angle positions.
Bolt Bound Feature:
This powerful function in the laser alignment program will calculate the alignment corrections required at any two feet on either driving or driven machine, for situations where some feet are “bolt-bound”, inaccessible or unadjustable for any other reason.
Results/History Table:
Allows up to 10 sets of alignment measurements to be viewed & averaged
Vertical Shaft Live Move:
This options adds live-move graphics specifically for shimming flange mounted vertical motors.
Train Alignment:
Allows multiple in-line machines / couplings to be simultaneously aligned. Two options are available to suit either 3 machines or up to 10 machines in-line.
Hardware Options:
Many laser accessories are available for special applications, including: magnetic brackets, non-rotating shaft brackets, 100% daylight filters and extension chains and posts.


Wireless Bluetooth Operation
Fast Auto Sweep Laser Measurement
0.001mm Laser Target Resolution
Simple 5-Step Laser Alignment Checklist Software
Live Colour Alignment Graphics and Shim/Move Values
Red/Yellow/Green Light Recommended or User Defined Alignment Tolerances
Softfoot Measurement and Correction
Thermal Growth Offsets
Rugged 10″ Touchscreen Tablet Laser Display
Auto report with integrated photos and signature
Print or email direct from the laser control
Long Life LiPo Rechargeable Batteries

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